The dresses are in the forest, an imaginary setting where all things are possible.

Artist Statement- Ginger Balizer- Hendler
I play with color,
Watching as it collides,
Adding a line, a gesture,
A calligraphic mark
Colors merge, transform,
Swallow each other up,
All an illusion
Layers of paint covering layers of paint,
Past lives within layers,
Hiding earlier lives
Loss, grief, rebirth, renewal
Wandering on an inner-outer journey
Inks flowing into primal maps
Breathing life into the intuitive unplanned moment

I am a mixed media artist exploring and creating adventures…
working with color, pattern, personal mythology
incorporating chicken wire, fabric, tapestry, story
naive, primitive, folk art, collage, expressing my voice,
the archetypal feminine
vibrant, passionate,
I, an artist griot shouting my life through totems, hoodoos, dress forms and intimate words,
screaming journal entries from the pages adorning what you may or may not see.
I take you on a journey, sharing my innermost dreams, creating new ones,
shining spontaneous rhythms within a make believe world

Indian miniatures, African migrations, rebirth of creatures, alive… pulsing, breathing in and out

Come with me