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They live in peace... that is who they are.

A place where beasts and two- leggeds roam in harmony.

It is clear from the serenity-gleam in their eyes and a certain way their lips curl

upward and hold an eternal smile.

Teeth never flash in retaliatory anger__

no sharp talons flare in preparation for predatory attacks.

In this land roam Indian cows adorned in marigolds,

Soft nosed giraffes nibbling contentedly on nearby leafage,

Ganesh, resting peacefully amidst noble hills and lush blooming lotus flowers.

You will want to know how this all came about,

as it has been a long time belief that peace would never be realized...

merely a myth the human consciousness designed never to be completely attained.

For many moons and stars there had been a warlike mission___

greed and violence lay heavily upon the earth.

as though suffocating budding peace.

Yet some held onto a seedling of hope and cultivated these seeds into their children and

their children's


Two- leggeds and four- leggeds sharing the planet,

settling disputes with the wisdom of the ancients.

As Gingerella fell closer to the earth an overwhelming lightness

spread throughout her inner being,

causing her to smile loudly.

A slight giggle erupted ( giggling is heard in the trees) almost like a gentle burp.
( more giggles throughout)

Tee hee tee hee tee hee ( a chorus is heard with quiet giggling)

Then another and another.

A weight lifted from her.

The memories that had always weighed upon her with sadness or anger suddenly felt moon beams away.

She remembered a time when as a young child her mother would lay calm nurturing hands

upon her head to comfort and reassure her.

There were countless times that flooded back into her mind maze.

Usually with her memories came warm tears which fled down her rose sad cheeks,

but not now.

She was at peace here.

It happened so long ago.

How could that sadness have any power over her in the now time?

As she floated slowly downward, something curious happened.

Something glorious and calming.

"You have nothing to fear, "was the mind message.

"I have nothing to fear. I am Gingerella... the fearless.

Did I bring this peace with me?"

Opening her eyes, she continued to spiral downward,

arms and legs feeling the slight air bumps as she neared land.

Gingerella wondered where she was,

but the exhilarating calm she felt was so lovely that she was content with floating and

making new discoveries.

"An adventure," whispered a new mind message.

"An adventure for you," the message whispered clearly again.

"There are no answers for you here, Gingerella."

"Noooooooooooooooo answers."

It became clear to her that she was an explorer and the adventure would unfold in its own


Should she believe the mind messages or trust that she would find answers?

Chanting: The answers lie within... the answers lie within,

the answers, the answers, the answers lie within.

Aha Aha Aha ha ha ha ha ha ( sung as operatically as possible).

She didn't know the questions, the questions, the questions.

How silly silly silly, she thought.

The Adventures of Gingerella (Notebook)

A tale of peace and non-injury