The dresses are in the forest, an imaginary setting where all things are possible.

Artist Statement- Ginger Balizer- Hendler
I play with color,
Watching as it collides,
Adding a line, a gesture,
A calligraphic mark
Colors merge, transform,
Swallow each other up,
All an illusion
Layers of paint covering layers of paint,
Past lives within layers,
Hiding earlier lives
Loss, grief, rebirth, renewal
Wandering on an inner-outer journey
Inks flowing into primal maps
Breathing life into the intuitive unplanned moment

As a little girl I was enamored with sequins, glitter, ribbons, and feathers. While working designing clothes, I would buy yards of trim from Garment District shops in midtown Manhattan. I have taken my fascination with ribbons, fashion, and theater integrating them into my paintings and collages imbuing them with fanciful imagery, strokes of color and whimsy.
My Inner Journey series began as an experiment with watercolor inks. As I poured the inks onto the paper I would allow them to flow while I watched the way one color played off the other. After the colors settled into place I added doodle type marks which created the effect of layered maps. The layering is symbolic of the many faces we wear; our emotions, public and private personas, and deeper primal subconscious.

Recently, I have been exploring three dimensional mixed media work with wire. My series of dresses, totemic trees and hoodoos are my exploration of a world of fantasy and the feminine spirit. I build these forms from chicken wire and weave ribbons and found objects throughout, creating the interaction of the two elements of fiber and metal. The primitive shapes symbolize organic rebirth and metamorphosis of the human need for connections. We are always searching for an “other”. We are never totally complete.
The ribbons that I loved from my youth represent the girlhood dreams, embodying the feminine elements of acceptance and nurturing. Underlying and poking through are the sharp talons of the chicken wire hiding below, which speak of courage and fearlessness. The goddesses and organic formations remind me of stories told in the oral tradition by griots in far off cultures.